Play time for the Rat Terrier pups

The weather has been too cold and wet to be able to put the pups out during the day, so I’ve been playing with them in our bathroom at night. Easier to clean and not so much to get into as the rest of the house.

They are doing well at just over 5 weeks old. Their personalities are starting to develop, each one just a bit different from the others. So far, Joy is the most aggressive of the litter. She will argue with the others, especially Jasher, but so far the fights don’t last long and they are back to playing together quickly. But, she is also a big love, enjoying a cuddle with me and likes to interact with people. Jasher is a bit of a houdini like her momma Sammie. Very confidant and playful with the other pups and loves to play with the stuffed toy that looks like a rat. Jeremiah is a bit more independent, but is also affectionate and will play well with the others.  Jericho appears to be a lot more laid back, preferring not to fight with the other pups. He will allow the other pups to take away whatever toy he may be planning with and not argue.

All of them enjoy people and will gladly greet people when they come to see them. I plan to work with them over the next few weeks, especially individually, to build up their confidence and independents.

This video shows a lot of their individual temperaments.

Here are some snapshots I took of them as they played last night.

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