Musings on a September evening…

Took the dogs out in the ‘dobies tonight, like I’ve been doing just about every night for awhile. The dogs need it and I definitely need it after sitting in front of a computer most of the day. I’m trying to teach the misfits to stay in the truck until I tell them they can go, one at a time. But, I can tell it is going to take time. I’m trying to get the crew in the cab with me to stay put until I drop the tailgate and let Tucker and Sage out, but one of them, usually Joy, always flies out of the truck, and I have to start all over again. I put Tucker and Sage in the back of the truck as there’s just not enough room for all of the dogs in the cab. Really wish I had an extra cab or extended cab, or a sweet Toyota Tacoma with a shell on the back. Some day I will have it! In the meantime, I’ll work with what I have.

Anyway, they jumped out of the truck and immediately ran like the mad dogs they are over the hill, chasing a bunny I assume. They haven’t caught one yet, but they sure do try. It’s fun to listen to their anxious little whines, like they are trying their hardest to go as fast as that darn bunny. Maddie was the only dog that stayed with me. She rarely goes after the rest of the pack, for some odd reason, preferring to stay with me most of the time. She’ll even brush up against me sometimes while we walk, just to let me know she’s there, or so it seems.  Half of the crew came back soon enough, Sammie, Joy and Em, of course, were no where to be seen. Sigh…so I shot my pistol to call them in. But for some strange reason, this time it seemed to chase Maddie and Colt away. I’ll have to find a better way to call them in, like a whistle. Easier to carry and cheaper to use too. Although I want to have my pistol on me just in case I meet up with Mr. Wile E.

After I got them all collected up again, I climbed down the hill and went back to the truck. I considered tossing their wild fannies back into it and heading home, but decided it wasn’t their fault. I figured that my husband hadn’t had time to take them for a run today and I couldn’t take them in the morning like I normally do, so down the dirt road we went, with me telling them to stay “with me.” Kinda cool walking a medium sized pack of dogs with all of them staying right there with you. Well, for the most part anyway. The older dogs knew what to do, but the younger ones haven’t learned that yet. I really need to set aside some time to just take them down to the little local town and walk them around, get them use to me, a leash, and manners! “With me” is really nice to have on a dog where they can walk without a leash, but will stay close. For the most part, the youngsters did well enough. Just think how much better they would be if they knew what I wanted a bit better.

Joy is by far the worst of the youngsters. She has had a bit of an advantage/disadvantage. About the time I would have wanted to start training her, her grandma Em had her pups. So I keep forgetting that Joy is, what, a good 2 1/2 months older than these other pups. She’s good enough, but she’s never been worked like I would have normally done with her, so she definitely needs some training. She does live up to her name, so she’s easy to deal with for the most part. Of the trio, Em, Sammie and Joy, she’s the one most likely to come back when I call them. But of the pups, she’s the most independent. Yup, definitely time to do some serious training with that girl!

On a side note, I frequently find myself mistaking my little Maddie for her momma Em. Although markings and color-wise, she doesn’t look a thing like momma, I swear she is built like her. Or at least my vision and brain think so when we are out in the field. Here’s a picture or two of Maddie, and a picture or two of Em. What do you think? Does Maddie look like she’s going to be built like Em when she grows up?


Maddie is an interesting little pup. Dead serious, not particularly affectionate, but not aloof either. She’ll come look for me in the morning when she comes in after being let out first thing, put her front feet on my leg, accepts some lovin’ then after a minute or two, usually jumps down and trots off to the couch or wherever the other pups or dogs are. She’s definitely her own little dog, smart, and I think a thinker. I really look forward to working with her to see how far we can go. I have an idea for her, so we will see where that may lead. Watch here for further details of that adventure in the making.


Colt is growing really well.  He’s a bit of a goof, easy going, likes to sleep in my room when I’m on the computer. Just like the other boys, Tucker and Chance. Out in the field, he’s starting to get more bold and venture out pretty far with the girls, momma Em, Sammie and Joy. Now is a really good time to start getting better manners on him. His one ear is pricked, the other is thinking about it.

Sammie is looking good too. She’s been kind of ignored with all the pups around, so now is a good time to start focusing on her and getting her back into training for scent work. Still working on what I want to do with her. She’s also pretty serious, especially when it comes to training. Very smart and catches on quickly. She’s a bit more of a love bug than Maddie. Really close to Joy still, and is one of the two dogs that sleep with us at night.

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