Christmas Eve singleton pup – Holly

We were blessed with one singleton puppy on Christmas Eve. A little chocolate tri female, weighing in at 7.1 oz. Joy is the mom and doing a very good job, although at night she wants to sleep with us, but also wants to be with her pup. So it has been an interesting week to say the least. We weighed her again today, New Year’s Eve, and she’s doubled in size at 14 oz. Being a singleton, she doesn’t have to worry about having enough milk to drink, or lack of momma’s attention. I am handling her a little every day, doing some of the early stimulation on her, and just getting her used to people. She looks a lot like her momma Joy and her grandma Sammie, although it seems that her coloring is just a shade lighter or something. Will be interesting to see if she remains the same color or changes as she matures. Dew claws and tail are remaining as she was created.

So far, she’s not a fussy puppy. Even when momma leaves her, she doesn’t cry or whine. We’ve got a heater by the crate and are keeping it at a regular temperature so that when momma does leave, she’s not going to get too cold, since she can’t maintain her body temperature right now. When I handle her, she fusses a little, but not really that much. I will know more about her temperament in a few weeks.

I have no particular plans for her at the moment, other than we really can’t keep her here. Two of my other puppy buyers may be interested in her. Time will tell. I’m guessing she should mature to be a nice standard, as Colt is the father. I have some things in mind to work with her as she matures so that she will more easily adapt to a new home. I will post them here as I can.

Here she is on her birthday, Christmas Eve.


Holly on New Year’s Eve – one week old – here is a video of her also.

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