Foggy day walk

Yesterday morning was a beautiful morning to walk the crew. Although it was foggy, to the point where at times I could barely make out where my house or even the trees stood, it was one of those mornings that just felt exhilarating. The air was cool and damp. Nothing unusual for those who are back east and used to it, but a bit of a novelty out here in the dry west. And the damp air and ground made scents more alive for the dogs. I could tell by the way they were running with their noses to the ground that they could smell more scents than normal. Just in their attitude and joy as they ran here and there, with their tails up, like a kid in a candy store. They just acted a bit more exhilarated than they usually do. Hard to explain, but watching them was fun!

Here are some shots I took of them or the views I had.

Here’s the dogs…

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And here are some scenery shots…The flowers are very brave, as it is November now and a bit chilly at night.

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