Holly at 2 1/2 weeks old

Quick update on Holly. We’ve moved her to the exercise pen in the living room/dining room area so she’ll start getting used to the noise and bit of commotion that is normal in a small household. She wants to be more active, buy momma Joy seems to be concerned she’ll hurt herself or something and holds her down until she quiets. I’ve never seen my other girls do that to their pups, but then, this is my first singleton in years, so that may be part of the issue.

We weighed her on Wednesday and she came in at 1 lb. 7 oz. Growing quickly! Her eyes are open, so her sight and hearing are starting to play a role in her development. I have been regularly doing the early stimulation exercises with her, and all of the other dogs have checked her out. Except Sage. I am thinking of introducing her to puppy sized toys and putting them in her pen for her to play with and crawl or walk over to help her develop as she would with more siblings. But it will be a challenge to keep the other dogs out away from the toys.

Here’s a video I took of her just a bit ago. Her coat is almost several colors,  chocolate and something a bit lighter maybe, or at least a different shade. It will be interesting to see what shade she will mature at. I know the lighter chocolates seem to go through some color changes over their lifetime.


Here’s a few shots when grandma Sammie was in with momma Joy and baby Holly.

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