Goings on at Rat Race Rat Terriers – February 14, 2015

Not a lot of big things have been happening here at Rat Race Rat Terriers, but some little things here and there. One bit of a disappointment was EmmaLee decided to come into heat a bit earlier than expected, and had more of a silent heat than her normal one. Not sure what is going on there, but I was unable to breed her at this time, so no spring puppies. But I am talking to the lady that owns a well-known sire, who has a great kennel, so keep watch here or email me if you are interested in a pup next year from Em.

Sammie with little Holly
Sammie with little Holly

The next one due to come into heat that I might breed would be Sammie. I am considering breeding her, but haven’t decided yet for sure. I would also have to locate a male that I think would be a good match for her-her build, temperament and pedigree. I have some time yet as she shouldn’t be due into heat again until May or June time frame. I have a few males in mind, but nothing definite. Sammie has been a bit “off’ since December, when she was in heat last. She’s being very attentive to Holly, so hubby and I think that she’s depressed as she seems to really want a litter of pups.

Holly playing with auntie Maddie.
Holly playing with auntie Maddie.

Holly is coming along well. She’s now 7 1/2 weeks old, smart as a whip, a bit spoiled, has a bit of a temper on her like her momma Joy, but all in all is a really sweet puppy. I took her to the Care and Rehabilitation Center close to me for a visit to see how she would do and also socialize her to different people and smells. She did really well. While she did get stressed a few times and struggled to get out of my arms, she recovered quickly and didn’t threaten to bite or get aggressive at all. When I returned her to her crate, she settled right in and didn’t whine or fuss. At home she’s fitting in well with the other dogs. Joy, Sammie, Colt and Maddie all play with her. Even big brother Tucker has been seen playing with her a few times. Housebreaking, leash work and crate training is being worked on now. Hubby is spoiling her rotten and will really miss her when she moves on to her forever home. She has received her first shots and a puppy check up and was pronounced sound.

Here are some videos of her playing with some of the crew.

Colt, Maddie and Holly on the couch.

Holly & Maddie playing, Tucker officiating.

I have been taking Maddie and sometimes Colt and Holly with me to town as often as I can, especially since the weather has been so nice lately. There is a large park there that also has an enclosed area for dogs to run off leash. I want to expose the dogs to new situations and dogs so that I can take them in for obedience classes and maybe agility. They are all doing well. Maddie loves to go into Tractor Supply as she knows she’s going to get a treat from the cashier. Last time I want in with her, she headed straight for the cash register!

This past week, Em and I’m not sure who else, has caught a young rabbit and a prairie dog. I was unaware of the bunny until Em comes running up with it in her mouth, but I kinda saw Colt and Maddie and possibly Em with the prairie dog this morning. What was so darn cute was Maddie came running out to me as I was trying to hurry to get to where the commotion was. It was like she was wanting to share the excitement and prize with me. I know I keep saying this, but she sure is turning into a really special girl.

Scent work is starting up again. I had some things come up that kinda threw me off track, but I am more determined than ever to have these dogs trained in scent work soon. I need to figure out a time when they are alert and awake enough to be interested in working for me. Maybe first thing in the morning, definitely not after a walk or long day.

Also, since visiting the Care Center, I would like to try my hand at working with my dogs in a rehabilitation center, especially with kids. I know they have the patient interact with the dogs, maybe brush them or throw a ball for them, to help them relearn motor skills, etc., but I need to do some research first to learn what I would need to do, and what my dogs would need to do. I’m going to have to give that some serious thought as to which dog or dogs and how to go about it. That is totally new territory, but I think some of the dogs would do well at at. I’ll keep you posted as I navigate this new direction.

That is all I have for today. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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