Update on Holly – March 3, 2015


Ok, I had a nice blog all written out the other day concerning little Holly and the rest of the gang, but my computer crashed on me. So…I forgot half of what I said, so I’ll have to make something up!

Holly is doing well. She went in last week for her 2nd set of shots and was judged to be healthy. She visited the Care Center again on Thursday, but as they had a quarantine on the one wing, we only went in to the other one. She’s a bit hesitant when the residents reach out to pet her, as most of their hands are crippled or have supporting wraps on them, but once they start petting her, she does relax and sometimes starts smelling them and sniffing around a bit. This time one of the residents was trying to get out the door where she’s not suppose to be, and the alarm kept going off. We were a bit concerned with how it would affect Holly, but other than a shake of her head, she seemed to be fine with it. I was really happy with her, as when we left both this time and last time, when I took her out for a quick walk in her harness, she went potty outside.

I was also able to take her to an elementary school classroom for about a half hour last week. While she wasn’t interested in checking out all of the kids, she wasn’t really afraid of them. I tossed some treats out a bit away from me, and she went out to get them. After awhile, she climbed onto my lap and fell asleep. She slept thru the kids each taking a turn telling about their dogs or dogs that they had had, then continued to sleep when they lined up to pet her one by one. She didn’t even flinch!

After the vet visit, I thought maybe she wanted to go potty, so I took the few dogs that I had with me and Holly over to a small town park and let them run around for a few minutes. I had leashes and harnesses on them and had just dropped the leash to let them run. Poor Sammie was getting dragged around by Holly, as she seemed to be very interested in Sammie’s leash! So I had to unsnap them and take the temptation away from Holly.

On Sunday afternoon, the quiet was shattered by something clambering over the baby gate and my husband’s loud exclamation. Thinking that something had happened to one of the dogs, I went running into the living room, only to find a dead, very dead, prairie dog laying on the floor beside the futon where hubby and Holly were sitting. Joy had joined them, but luckily left the prairie dog on the floor. She was probably getting tired from carrying the prairie dog from the field, thru two small cat doors and up and over the baby gate. I felt kinda bad, but we took the prairie dog away from her, as we sure didn’t want Holly chewing on it at all. They are notorious for fleas and tape worms and other nasty things. And, rumor has it, one of the plagues. I don’t think there is a problem here, as I’ve never heard of anything, but they are really nasty critters. Cute, but nasty.


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