Mother’s Day walk with the Ratties

Today was one of the first days we’ve had where it wasn’t raining or threatening to rain, so I took the dogs out for a really nice long walk. I’m trying to get pictures of them hunting rabbits, but they move so darn fast that I can’t get any shots of them. By the time I get my camera up and aimed at where they are, they are gone and all I get is a picture of sagebrush or grass! So I just have pictures of them running around, half hidden in the sagebrush as they chase after scent.


Here is a video of them in the rocks checking out the different smells. This used to be an ocean bed, so the rock formation is layered and outcroppings.

There was something at the base of this sagebrush bush, as I heard it chitter, but I have no clue for sure what it was. Tucker sniffed around it, but wasn’t too interested, but the Ratties, especially Maddie, were really interested in digging into the roots and getting whatever it was. Here’s a short video of it. I figured it wasn’t worth digging up the bush for so called them off to continue our walk. Thankfully all of them mind pretty well and joined me, except for my tenacious terrier, EmmaLee.

The quarry…P1130552

The hunt…

Break time…

On the way home…

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