Memorial Day hike…May 25, 2015

I wasn’t really planning on taking my camera, nor taking a long hike, but we got going and it was pretty nice out, no rain for a change. I took them down in the neighbor’s gully, so a few different shots. They did scare up several bunnies, but of course I didn’t have the camera out yet. The squirrels were scolding them today more than usual, which made them all ran to where the squirrel was hiding. Of course, they didn’t get one, as the squirrels hide well in the rock crevasses. I’ve had a few squirrels get freaked out and run out of the rocks. They do say several of the fittest. I think they should include smartest too!


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Over the last few days, while irrigating in our field, the dogs have gone crazy over what I am assuming is the fresh smell of a coyote. As I hadn’t planned on getting down to the gully, I didn’t have my pistol with me. The dogs, even Sage, have been growling and barking. Heck, Sage even had her ruff up, which looks a bit strange on her, as her coat is a bit longer down the middle of her back. I haven’t personally seen what has them so upset, but it makes me a bit concerned. So today, I made sure I had my pistol on when I took them for a walk. When we were behind our property, I heard the dogs getting really excited. Shrill, excited barks, and a lot of commotion. I wasn’t hearing any yelps, so I tried not to get too concerned. I walked as fast as I could to where the dogs were, as it sounded like they had cornered some critter. When I found them, I could hear a squirrel scolding them. They were all surrounding a rock pile, and the squirrel was underneath the top rock. I was lucky enough to get a video of it, albeit not the best quality, as I was trying to walk fast in grass and rocks. But I think you will enjoy it! EmmaLee’s tenacity and desire to get under the rock is pretty amazing. And Chance gave her a bit of a hand. Here is the video link.

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