New litter of Rat Terrier puppies – June 30, 2015

Well, here I was hoping for some fireworks on July 4th, but Sammie just couldn’t wait any longer as these puppies were begging to come out. Sammie went into the first stages of labor early this morning and between 9:42 and 9:55 she had had 3 puppies. Around 11:30 or so, she had another one, followed quickly by two more. So she has a total of 6 puppies, 2 females and 4 males. All appear healthy and are thriving, nursing greedily or snoozin’ all spread out. Here is their personal page: Sammie and Colt litter – June 2015

While my husband and I, as well as a few others, were hoping to see some apricot pups, they are all chocolate except for two that appear to be black. One of those that appears black looks more like he is a rich, dark, dark chocolate. Possibly the little black piebald female is also not black but a rich dark chocolate. I will be able to tell once they are a little older and get them outside in the sunlight.

Sadly, I was unable to be home during their births, as work duty called a bit louder, but my husband was here to watch over them and make sure that everything was ok. So I wasn’t able to photograph them or know which one came first, second or third, but as they are all healthy, I guess that stuff isn’t all that important.

It looks like these puppies will be ready to go to their new homes around Labor Day weekend. That will put them close enough to 10 weeks old, giving those who may have to travel a good opportunity go on a short vacation. We may have a room or two available in our boarding house for puppy buyers to stay when they come pick up their puppies. (Contact me for further details on that.)

I ask those who may be interested in purchasing one of the male puppies to fill out a Puppy Buyer Questionnaire . I also have a Sales and Health Guarantee Agreement that you may request to read. Email me at for a copy of this.

A few snapshot of the puppies…

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