Puppies due in a week!


Sammie is definitely getting bigger! Poor girl is uncomfortable with the higher than normal temperatures, so we keep her in the house with the air conditioner going. She still goes with my hubby when he irrigates, but he only takes her in the morning while it is still cool out. Otherwise, she’s been staying at home just chillin’ and waiting to be a mommy again.

We weighed her a few days ago and she’s up to 22 lbs and 12 oz., so she has gained almost 4 pounds overall. She’s eating well and has a good attitude. We’ll start watching her temperature and getting her whelping area ready for her to get settled into so she’ll be ready for her big day. We think for the first two weeks she will be set up in the bedroom where there isn’t as much traffic and she’ll still be with us at night. After two or three weeks, we’ll move them out into the living room where they can get used to a bit more noise and commotion. Not that there is much, but that is where we hang out when we’re in the house, so it will be good for  them. When they are around 5 weeks old, I’ll start putting them outside in a puppy play area. That should be a bit of a challenge since my building has been taken down, but we’ll find some way to get them outside and grass to run on.

I am currently working on gaining AKC and UKC registration for this litter so they should be able to be shown and competed in AKC and UKC events. They should also be PLL Clear by Parentage.

I have a deposit and hold on a female and a male. Please contact me if you are interested in a puppy at ratraceratterriers@hotmail.com or 970-773-1215. Emails are preferred. If you are serious about purchasing a puppy from me, please take a few minutes to fill out the Puppy Buyer Questionnaire. Also, unless you have had Ratties in the past or have one now, I would recommend that you read my page Should I Get A Rat Terrier?


P1140061 P1140063 P1140066


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