July 14, 2015 – Two Week update

Puppies are growing and doing very well. Poor Sammie is eating a ton of food trying to keep up with feeding her pups. The little guy still hasn’t quite hit a pound, but he is continuing to gain weight. Surprisingly, at this time, girl #2, now named Isis, is the largest of the puppies. As a whole, they are mostly quiet when I’m handling them, although Isis seems to be the most dominant and isn’t really comfortable with the minimal stress that the exercises put on the pups. But she cuddles right against me and settles down quickly when I return her to the normal position and stroke her back.

I will be moving on to other things now that they are starting to walk, sit up, see and hear. Thor really wanted to smell and suck on my fingers as I had just chopped up chicken to feed the dogs. I will continue to challenge them with scents, especially once they start eating puppy mush, and tactile things such as having them walk on different surfaces. Balls and items that squish or roll or make noise will be introduced to the puppies. As they are raised in our living room, they will begin to get used to normal noises in the kitchen, vacuums, televisions, etc.

This week I trimmed their nails for the first time. All did well, being as cooperative as little puppies can be. Their eyes are also opening up. Several already have their eyes wide open, others are still working on it. They are also starting to toddle/walk and sit up. Sometimes we get lucky and see one starting to chew on the ear of another pup or mom. They are not yet at the stage of playing, but we can see the bare beginnings of it. I have moved them out of the crate and into the exercise pen. They aren’t moving around a whole lot yet, but I am sure they will be regular hellions by this weekend.

I have put a video together of each puppy. It is so fun to watch them toddle about. They remind me of babies when they are first starting to learn to walk.



Hannah is doing well. Her eyes are now open. She is mostly quiet when I’m working with her. She is starting to toddle about, exploring her surroundings when in a new place and isn’t fussy.

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This girl is the biggest of the litter so far, even surpassing her brother Thor, who isn’t far behind in weight. Today she weighs 1 lb., 10.7 oz. Of all the puppies, she is the least comfortable with the mild stress tests, especially now that her eyes are open. She had been a little fussy, but nothing loud, but hasn’t liked it much the last two times, which corresponds with her eyes opening. I think she’s tired of it and wants to do fun and exciting things! I look forward to introducing her to new challenges, moving on from the neurological stimulation to toys and other adventures. It will be interesting to see where she falls in the litter and what her personality will be like as she matures. (For those who may be curious about her name, here is a lengthy explanation on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isis  I think she may well live up to her namesake!)


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Although this little one has remained small, he is pretty feisty. His eyes are open, and he enjoys chest rubs. He is trying to do little puppy walks and is active. I noticed today that he has a much more pronounced stop compared to the rest of the litter. I’ll have to look more closely at the others to see how he falls in. He’s such a sweet little fellow, and his personality is already shining through. My husband is calling him “Squirt” since he is so little compared to the rest of the litter. I look forward to working with him as he matures. I think he will be about the same size as Sammie.

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Charlie is doing well. His eyes are open and he is starting to toddle around a bit like the rest of them. He’s been fairly quiet when I work with him, sometimes a bit fussy, but no more than the other puppies. The other day when I had him out to weigh him he made chattering sounds that were exactly like a raccoon!

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Thor is the largest of the males, weighing in at 1 lbs.,  9.9 oz. today. One thing that I have noticed about Thor is he likes to check out my fingers, frequently sucking on them or my hand. He is active, and has been pretty quiet when I work with him.

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This boy is by far the quietest of the litter. Potentially a thinker, it should be interesting to watch him grow. Several times when I had him on the table, he has toddled over to me to nuzzle my hand. I am really liking this puppy.

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