Huntin’ bunnies in the ‘dobies

I took the crew out to the ‘dobies yesterday, although it was getting a bit hot. We climbed up on top of the small ridge and walked along the top of it. The dogs were mostly down on the north side, as there are a lot of trees on that side with more critters to scare up. Soon I heard them making a racket chasing something, hot on the trail! I got a video, although I couldn’t get a quality video due to trees and terrain. It is mostly where they believe the critter disappeared, in a juniper tree that they were trying to chew down. Sammie even climbed up the tree trying to see if she could find it.

I really do need to get out in the mountains soon with them. We will once the pups are grown and placed in their new homes. I’m looking forward to playing hide and seek with them. When we get out there, I’ll make sure to get some good footage.

Here’s their video

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