Puppies are 5 weeks old….half way point!

Time is flying by and the half way point has been reached before they go off to their new homes. They are such loving, sweet puppies, I’m really going to miss them when they are gone. They are staying awake a bit more, about a half hour or so before they tire out and crash again and sleep for several hours. Over the next few weeks they will start playing and staying awake more, and sleeping a bit less. That is when the fun really begins!

Thor and Isis, being the largest of the litter, have discovered how to climb out of the puppy pen. And they are very determined and focused when they do so! We keep the kennel door closed now when we are not with them to make sure they don’t climb out and get into some kind of mischief.

They are starting to play more with each other and with the toys that I have in the pen with them. They are also enjoying the tunnel and the dog walk, even if they don’t walk on the dog walk quite like they are supposed to. They will climb up and over, or on the rocks that I have it up on. (Only about an inch or two above the ground.) It is a challenge for them to climb on right now, so they are enjoying it.

The weather has been a challenge to work around. We like to get them outside as much as we can as there is more room there for them to run and play. Today it rained a good portion of the afternoon, so I put them in the bathroom so they would have a place to play that was easy to clean up behind them. We have the doorway blocked with a baby gate, so they can still see us and hear us, and I go in and play with them until they fall asleep. Maddie came in and played very well with them tonight. I couldn’t get my camera out, so will try to get some snapshots later.

Maddie, Colt and Joy are really good with the puppies. My husband told me that he had them out in the garden with him while he watered it, and Joy had brought a toy, little Lambchops, out for them to play with. When he put them back in the pen, Joy went and got Lambchops and took it back in the pen to the puppies. Love that Joy girl!! I’ve got some snapshots of Maddie and Colt playing with the puppies. They are very patient and gentle with them. I like that they are interacting with them, as they are teaching them how to be a dog. That is something I sure can’t teach them!

Here’s some pictures that I took the other night on the patio…No video this time as my camera is acting up….

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