New enterprise for me! Dog collars….

Ok, I’m going to announce that I am selling hand braided dog collars. I’ll set an introductory price for now, just email me if you want to know price and size. I’m developing an Etsy shop to start with, and plan on developing other pet products. So, watch for announcements here and check out my Etsy shop when I get it up!

Here are some of the designs that I have made so far…I am missing at least one that I thought I had taken pictures of, and since the sun has already gone down, I’ll have to put it up tomorrow. So I will be adding a few to this, at least one!

UPDATE: December 8, 2015 – Ok, pictures of my other collars have been added.

If you are interested in a collar, please email me at ratraceratterriers at hotmail dot com. I ask that if you purchase collars from me, please give me some feedback on what you like or even what you don’t like! I want to make darn sure these collars are something that your dog will enjoy for years, so any concerns that you may have I would like to know about. Thank you!!

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