Walk in the fields on a late afternoon…

The crew pestered me most of the day to take them out, and weren’t content with my husband letting them outside to run around the house. So I took a break from working on my business and took the crew out. It was a beautiful afternoon, not too terribly cold, but chilly enough to require some warm gloves on my hands while handling the camera. The dogs enjoyed themselves, but stayed relatively close. Tucker caught a mouse. I saw deer and a Bald Eagle pair, bu they were off in the gully a distance away. Thankfully, no coyotes, although I heard a few about a half hour later not far from where I had been walking. I carry a .22 Ruger with me now every time I take a walk, so I feel a bit better. Still worries me, as I had one following us one morning. He started to leave when I turned around and spotted him, and ran off when I fired off a round. Glad its not a bear or cougar! Luckily, the crew were still heading mostly in the opposite direction and hadn’t noticed him or my direction change yet. Otherwise, they probably would have been all over him.

Here’s a video I took this afternoon. I had the settings on scenery (distance) so I think that is why it wouldn’t focus very fast. I need to learn to leave the camera aiming at the dogs a bit longer instead of moving it off to find another bunch! Better luck next time…

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