Snowy walk in Colorado

Since both of us work now, the Ratties are pretty much banished to being in the house until I get home. So, of course they are all wound up and waiting to go for a good long run! With the weather being a bit wintery, I’ve been opting to just let them hunt for mice in the areas where we don’t have any livestock trimming the weeds and grasses. Today, it was raining/snowing when I got home, so I decided to wait a bit. Of course, it changed to snow and was coming down pretty good. Nice, wet, wet snow.

Here’s a sketchy video. Not proud of it, even got a few of the dog’s names wrong, but it was cold and wet and I was afraid of the camera getting too wet. And, I had forgotten to charge the battery last time I used it. But it does show the dedication my Ratties have for hunting, regardless of the weather! I think they were having fun! I’ve heard wet and damp terrain make the scents stronger and last longer, so I’ll bet it was a smorgasbord for them!

So here are some snapshots of the Ratties in a snowstorm. Some are hard to find, as the weeds are knocked over and covered in snow. But they’re all having a blast and not paying much mind to the wet and cold. Dedicated hunters for sure!

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