In memory of a Rat Terrier lover…

This Memorial Day weekend was a sad one at Rat Race Rat Terriers. My husband died unexpectedly in his sleep.

Chris Young was an avid outdoors kinda guy who loved to explore in the western mountains, especially out in the Henry Mountains in Utah. He enjoyed exploring, camping, 4-wheeling, Western history, WWI and WWII history and guns. His best friend Dale and he learned how to rappel just so they could get down to the caves where Butch Cassidy and his gang were supposed to have been in Utah. In Nevada, he was able to live a life long dream of working as a cowboy. That is where he learned how to ride and bought and trained a young mustang gelding. When he took a year long trip, while he was in Montana he decided he wanted to learn how to pack on a mule. He found a fellow that hired him on and he spent a month or so up in the Bob Marshall Wilderness helping take dudes up into the mountains, set up camp for them and pack them back out.

He was a mechanic by trade, learning the craft at his uncle’s shop when he was a young boy. Although he was specifically a Toyota and Dodge mechanic, he had a gift and a knack for working on any type of equipment or vehicle.

Upon moving to Colorado, he and I bought a small ranch that needed to have the main house rebuilt. He tackled that project and was very meticulous about laying the wood floor, making sure the walls were all plumb and even spent considerable time making sure that the decorative molding on the kitchen island matched all around.

His dogs, all of the crew here at Rat Race Rat Terriers, will miss him tremendously, as he took them out daily on his 4-wheeler for either a run or to go irrigate. And he will be missed by me and all those who worked with him in our part of the country, as well as his family.


7 thoughts on “In memory of a Rat Terrier lover…

  1. Tammy I am shocked and so sorry. I didn’t know. I keep hoping I am reading this wrong. Are you OK? Do you need anything. My heart goes out to you.

    1. Elane, I’m ok for now. The dogs will help keep me focused on getting through this. Thank you for your kind words. And I know the feeling…still trying to wrap my head around it…

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. I will be praying for you, and your pack! Peace be with you,


  3. Sounds like a wonderful man full of adventure and welcoming challenges in life. Hope you can enjoy the memories of him with a smile some day in the meantime my heart goes out to you in your grief.

  4. Very nicely written, Tammy. You have done a good job of helping everyone know Chris better.

  5. Tammy, I’m shocked and so sorry. I had planned to be there this summer — I can’t believe Chris is gone. What an incredibly difficult time this must be for you. My deepest sympathies.

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