Piper at the Park – 5 month old Rat Terrier puppy

Had to go into a neighboring town today, so I took Piper along for the adventure. They have a nice, shady park that is perfect for walking young pups in and sometimes I get lucky and there are actually people there. Since it was in late in the afternoon and a warm, sunny day out, there were actually some young kids and a few adults hanging around at the playground side. I took Piper on some of the playground equipment and the band stand, and got silly with him and rolled on the grass, crawled on my hands and knees and played a very one sided game of hide and go seek. I even took him down the short little kids slide. At first he didn’t want anything to do with it, but then I put him on my lap and slid down and he was all excited the second time we went down the slide. We met a Bulldog, but Piper wasn’t too sure of her. Maybe next time.

Anyway, he had fun and so did I.  We’ll have to do it again soon! Enjoy the pictures!

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