Gordon Setters Need To Play Games!

This is a great article for us Rattie owners too!

Gordon Setter Expert

If you’re looking for an exercise buddy a Gordon Setter just might be for you. As a sporting breed our guys need plenty of time to exercise and play. As a matter of course, Gordon Setters, especially in their younger years, will run circles around you most of the time, they’re like the Eveready Bunny, they just keep on going.

Photo by Bob Segal Photo by Bob Segal

As Gordon Setter owners we all understand their need for fun, plenty of play time and room to move around, but do we also understand that stimulating their mind, giving them puzzles to work out, giving them a job to do, those are the things that can and will make living with your high energy dog easier? Sometimes our Gordon Setter continues running and jumping till we’re exhausted by their behavior, and they’re doing this at times because they’ve nothing else to do and they’re simply…

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