Puppies – 3 weeks old – group pictures

The pups turned 3 weeks old yesterday, and today I moved them in to the larger pen and out of the large crate. They are toddling around quite well and starting to play together. I should be receiving a training video from Puppy Culture tomorrow which I hope will help me raise these little ones to be self-confidant and well-adapted pups when they go to their new homes. I will be able to get more pictures and videos of them as the days go by and they start developing their personalities.

They are growing like little weeds, and are sturdy kids. I picked up some puppy-sized toys and put them in with the pups in their new pen. I’m sure they will be playing with them and each other over the next few days. Puppy #1 is now just over 2 lbs., puppy #2 is 1 lb., 14.2 oz., puppy #3 is 1 lb., 14.5 oz, and puppy #4 is 2 lbs., 2.5 oz.

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One thought on “Puppies – 3 weeks old – group pictures

  1. I hope Emma is feeling better. I really like seeing the pictures. I have one dog we are getting ready for the rainbow bridge right now. Some spoiling for a few days. It’s nice to see the babies.

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