Puppy update – 4 weeks old – Sept. 25, 2018

The puppies are doing well, gaining weight nicely and becoming more active every day. They are starting to enjoy playing with their toys and eating “real” food. I plan on building an outside pen for them sometime this week, if the weather holds, so that I can create a redneck dog agility course. I also hope to have some new people come and visit the puppies so they get accustomed to other people and ages. They are getting to the fun stage of development, where they start to interact with people much more and enjoy learning new things.

I put them in the bathroom to hang out today, and took some videos and pictures. Here are the links to the videos.. Enjoy!

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Here are some photos I took of them today. They are sooo much fun!!

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2 thoughts on “Puppy update – 4 weeks old – Sept. 25, 2018

  1. I’m wondering if you still have some bloodlines from Bear Tuff. I may be wanting a puppy buddy for my Bear Tuff Flint. Best Regards, Donna Perry


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