We will be having puppies!!

Sammie’s looking pregnant on January 29, 2018!

It looks like Sammie is definitely pregnant! She is starting to show a bit of a pudge, so believe our girl is going to have puppies here in about a month! I am debating on whether or not I will be docking tails on all the puppies, so if you are looking for a pup, please let me know your thoughts on a docked tail or a natural tail.

It will be interesting to see what colors are possible with this litter, as the litter from Sammie’s dam, EmmaLee, when bred to the same stud, had 7 puppies, all who were either black tris or black piebalds, except for Colt, the only puppy that was an apricot. The sire to this litter is from an apricot dam, so there is once again potential for some color. There are some pups, like Maddie, who have red base on a lot of her black hair. I do not expect any chocolates. Will be interesting to see what she has!

In the meantime, here are some photos of her that I took yesterday while out for our walk. As well as a video of her on our daily walk with the goats and other dogs.

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4 thoughts on “We will be having puppies!!

  1. Sammie looks so healthy and beautiful! Fred is excited like a kid in a candy store with a pocket full of money ! Lol! He’s leaning towards a female perhaps un docked, but whatever works best for you works well for us also! This is so wonderful all the way around! Gosh we miss Bizcuts so so much every day, but knowing that we get the chance of getting another one of your superior loving puppies fills us with joy and hope. Bizcuts touched every person he ever met in the best ways. We know we get that opportunity again with you and Sammie. Our heartfelt love to you Tammy for all time.

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