Sammie’s litter – 2 weeks old

Joy (f), Jeremiah (m), Jericho (m), Jasher (f)
Joy (f), Jeremiah (m), Jericho (m), Jasher (f)

Sammie’s pups will be 2 weeks old tomorrow morning in the wee hours. Decided to take some pictures tonight, couldn’t wait until tomorrow. They are growing well, very consistent and uniform so far. If my scale is right, they weigh in at about 1 1/2 lbs. Their eyes are open or opening, and they are starting to move around a bit more.

I have been working with them daily, picking them up and petting them, rubbing their cute little bellies, handling their paws, and turning them on their backs for a few seconds. I have noticed that when they are full, warm and content, they don’t fuss with being on their backs for the most part, although little Joy, who is a look-alike for her mom, isn’t too crazy about it. Her mom didn’t like it either if I remember correctly.

Here is a link to a short video I took of the pups and Sammie.

I will post short updates here, with more photos, etc., on their litter page

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