Sammie’s litter at 2 1/2 weeks old

Instead of doing chores, I couldn’t resist playing with Sammie’s pups, and of course, taking photos of them. Their eyes are open, and although they still are sleeping a lot, they are starting to try to walk and are getting around very well for their age. As I was working with them, I took little Joy over to the stove where I was cooking some ranch raised hamburger. When I lifted the lid, little Joy definitely showed high interest, stretching her cute little nose out to the pan. I’m not sure if she was smelling the hamburger, or sensing the heat, as I just discovered that young pups have a special heat sensor in their nose to help them locate their mother and siblings. Interesting thought….Also, when Joy was on the bed, Sammie was about 4 inches away, but Joy quickly walked over to where I was kneeling by the side of the bed and settled up close to me. After I fed the dogs, I walked by Sammie’s bowl, which is in the crate, and saw little Jasher licking the bowl. Must have smelled the hamburger juices!



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