Three week update…a little late!

The puppies are getting more active every day, but still sleeping a lot. They are still a little young yet to do much with, but its been fun to see how they act with us even at this young age. Thor likes to come and lay on my arm or mouth my hand. Some of…… Continue reading Three week update…a little late!

June 3, 2014 – EmmaLee’s pups are 7 weeks old now

We took the pups out into our field last night. They are now 7 weeks old, so we figured it was a good time for them to get out and smell new smells and explore ditches, water and fresh horse manure. They were afraid to leave their puppy pen area at first, but we carried…… Continue reading June 3, 2014 – EmmaLee’s pups are 7 weeks old now

Taking the pups out for a walk

Hubby and I took the pups out for a nice long walk this afternoon. Out across our field, and down into the gully behind. Lots of sagebrush and rocks and downed trees for them to crawl through, over and under! We spotted a bunny, and after a couple of seconds, Tucker finally got the idea,…… Continue reading Taking the pups out for a walk

Update on Sammie’s pups

Sammie’s pups are now 9 weeks old. Can’t believe it! Where did the time go? Their house training lessons are continuing. At night when they go into their crate to sleep, we make sure we shut the door so they can’t get out during the night and go potty. In the morning, we open the…… Continue reading Update on Sammie’s pups

Exciting day for the pups today!

Today was a busy day for the pups. I took them to my new vet for their first set of shots and worming, as well as a good overall health checkup. Then this evening, I was able to take them over to a friend’s house to socialize with their 2 young granddaughters, 22 months and…… Continue reading Exciting day for the pups today!