Sammie’s Rat Terrier pups at 7 weeks old

I went out with my camera today to get some new photos of the puppies playing in their outdoor pen. They were getting a bit sleepy, but I was able to get several snapshots of them. They are now 7 weeks and 2 days old. Tomorrow they will be going in for their shots, worming, and a good overall health checkup.

I have been working a bit with each one individually when I can. They all love to be with their people and are very affectionate. They do need to learn not to lunge at people’s faces or bite, but that’s a normal puppy thing that they all have to learn.

The girls are still more interested in the little ChuckIt ball than the boys are. Jasher was more inclined to retrieve this time than Joy, although Joy was still interested in interacting with me. They all enjoy tug, and I make sure that they win sometimes, and I win sometimes. I’m encouraging them to find it as I toss it behind their back when they aren’t looking.

They have regular time with my other dogs, but the other dogs are not quite ready to play with them just yet. I expect they will over the next few weeks. Billy, our awesome cat, sometimes will join them and allow them to pull on his tail and maul him. He never puts his claws out, although he will take his paw and tap them a bit. When they become to bothersome to him, he leaves, sometimes to sit just out of range to tease them.

Here is a video that I took while they were in the pen. The pups are a little unsure of how Sammie plays with them, and although she’s not doing much to them, its a little too much for them right now. Joy actually started growling at her and wouldn’t back down the last time Sammie was trying to play with her.

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