Visit from Buck’s owner

We are lucky to have Renate and her husband Joe here on their way back home from Arizona. Renate bought Buck from my 2013 litter as a 9-week-old puppy, and has been providing him a wonderful home ever since.

I am very please with how he is maturing. He looks more like Em than the other puppies do in his general build and his head. His head is broader than the other pups that I have seen so far, although Sammie does have a nice head. (She’s just so small it’s hard to notice it like you can on the larger dogs). He is also filling out really well, and has a nice temperament.

Surprisingly, even with their dogs and our pack getting together, the only thing that they have done is maybe growled a bit and postured. We took them for a walk yesterday after they got here, and again this morning. Here are some photos I was able to take of the group as they flew by.

Oh, and Renate now understands the warning that I gave her when she first bought Buck. I told her that there is only one really bad thing about Rat Terriers. They are addictive. And, she’s addicted!



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