Rat Race Rat Terrier get together!

I had invited Renate (Buck – litter of 2013)  and her husband to come by on their way back home awhile back, and was delighted that they could make it. I had mentioned to Biscuits’ (Gus – litter of 2013) owners that she might swing by. So today we were able to get together for a family reunion of some of Em’s puppies. Although it was cut short by a nasty wind storm that whipped up just about the time that Fred and Sheree were coming over, we were able to visit for a little while, and have the dogs get to know each other again.

It was great to see the family resemblance of all 5 of Em’s kids, although Buck actually looks more like her in build. Biscuits and Chance look quite a lot alike, so it’s hard to tell them apart from a distance. Chance and Biscuits are both really slender. Buck is more filled out than they are. Sammie is also, but you don’t notice it as much as she’s only 15″ compared to their 16″ -18″. The boys will fill out more as they mature and develop more muscle. But they all look really good. I’m very pleased with all of their temperaments as well as their builds.

We went over to check the puppies and Mr. Biscuits jumped in and really played with the pups. They all enjoyed playing with him, although I’m sure to them it didn’t last long enough, since it was so windy the people just wanted away from the wind.

I am so grateful for Renate, Joe, Sheree and Fred for the love that they have given my pups. Thank you!


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