Snowy walk in Colorado

Since both of us work now, the Ratties are pretty much banished to being in the house until I get home. So, of course they are all wound up and waiting to go for a good long run! With the weather being a bit wintery, I’ve been opting to just let them hunt for mice…… Continue reading Snowy walk in Colorado

Walk in the fields on a late afternoon…

The crew pestered me most of the day to take them out, and weren’t content with my husband letting them outside to run around the house. So I took a break from working on my business and took the crew out. It was a beautiful afternoon, not too terribly cold, but chilly enough to require…… Continue reading Walk in the fields on a late afternoon…

Coyote encounter

Took my crew out for a long walk out in the ‘dobies Thanksgiving morning and encountered several coyotes. I’ve only walked the crew in this particular area one other time, as it is less used with more trees, so new territory for us to explore with less chance of hearing and seeing dirt bikes. So…… Continue reading Coyote encounter

Huntin’ bunnies in the ‘dobies

I took the crew out to the ‘dobies yesterday, although it was getting a bit hot. We climbed up on top of the small ridge and walked along the top of it. The dogs were mostly down on the north side, as there are a lot of trees on that side with more critters to…… Continue reading Huntin’ bunnies in the ‘dobies

Memorial Day hike…May 25, 2015

I wasn’t really planning on taking my camera, nor taking a long hike, but we got going and it was pretty nice out, no rain for a change. I took them down in the neighbor’s gully, so a few different shots. They did scare up several bunnies, but of course I didn’t have the camera…… Continue reading Memorial Day hike…May 25, 2015