Three week update…a little late!

The puppies are getting more active every day, but still sleeping a lot. They are still a little young yet to do much with, but its been fun to see how they act with us even at this young age. Thor likes to come and lay on my arm or mouth my hand. Some of them will come over to me, like Isis and Rocky. Hannah is wagging her tail a lot. Interesting that she is the only one that wags her tail. I wonder if it is because she has a natural tail versus the docked tails of the other puppies. They are playing a bit with each other and running around their pen. We have some toys in there, but they are still just a bit young to interact with them. We also are wondering if this litter is just more vocal than previous ones or if our memory just isn’t all that great. They do seem to fuss, whine and make a lot more noise than we remember our other litters doing.

They  started to eat canned puppy food a day before their third week. They aren’t eating a lot yet, but it is good to give Sammie a bit of a break. Some are a bit more interested then others, but they are all showing interest.

Hubby is excited to get them outside and exploring, so last night we took them out to the gravel and patio for some exploration time. This morning we took them out before they had woken up, so they were pretty sleepy still. Rocky was all over the place, exploring. The rest wanted to sit at hubby’s feet for the most part. Tonight, although they were fussy, they all explored and toddled around a small area, even climbing up a bit to get on the patio. Little guy couldn’t quite make it, so I helped him up. Interesting to note, there is a very small drop close to the house, and Thor took a tumble off of it. Isis went to the same spot a few minutes later, but thought about it and turned around. I have always felt that for the most part, the males mature slower than the females do. This shows that that may perhaps be true.

Tonight in their x-pen, several of them came almost bounding over to meet me when I went to go check on them and get Sammie’s food bowl. They are starting to gravitate towards whoever happens to be closest to them now, like when we put them outside for brief outings. Tonight, all but one had come to sit beside me on the edge of the patio. And that pup, I believe it was Isis, was checking out under my husband’s chair. I put her up on the patio, and she explored up by the house, while the other pups had lumped together and were snoozing by my side. I called her and patted the cement, and she came over to me! They seem to be learning relatively quickly to come to us, or maybe it is just an interesting coincidence, although it has happened several times.

Here is a video of the first two times outside.

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Hannah is a happy puppy so far. She’s also the first one to bark, although thankfully, so far, its only been a couple of times. She wags her tail and will happily come to us in the pen. Outside, she’s a bit more insecure, as are all of the puppies, except for maybe Rocky. She does do a little exploring with the other puppies.

Weight – 2 lbs. 3.3 oz.


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Isis is a strong tempered big girl. She is the first to come to me when I encourage her and call her name, and she seems to be a thinker and a bit more dominant. While outside tonight, she impressed us with her ability to think something out when she came up to the edge of the patio, where there is a drop of maybe 6″ to the ground below. My husband watched her as she came up to the edge, looked it over, and turned around and headed back where she had come from. She is going to be a fun one to work with.

Weight – 2 lbs., 4.1 oz.

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This little guy has gone through various names, Johnnie, Correy, Squirt, the Duke, lil’ Dude, and my husband’s favorite, Gus. But nothing seems to really fit him. He’s an active and feisty little guy, no slouch at the milk bar and is frequently one of the first to greet me. So far, he’s also brave about exploring new areas, and is quiet. I think this guy will have an awesome, confidant temperament. He’s the most likely to run and twirl around the pen. And he can move pretty fast for such a little stinker! Would love to see him go to a home where he could perhaps become involved in agility, rally or flyball.

Weight – 1 lb. 7.3 oz.

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So far, Charlie seems to be pretty low key. He doesn’t get too upset about things so far, and is easily comforted and finds a spot to settle in and sleep. He will go exploring when outside, and runs/toddles around the puppy pen and chews on his siblings. I think he will remain pretty laid back, kinda like his sire, Colt, who is pretty easy going for the most part.

Weight – 1 lbs. 15. 8 oz.

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Thor has caught up to and passed his sister in weight and at this time is the heaviest puppy. He’s pretty brave and confidant, exploring around a little when outside. He doesn’t quite use his head yet, as he tumbled off the side of the patio that is a little high for a puppy to jump off of just yet. No harm done, except perhaps a bit to his ego. He is the first puppy to climb up on the patio where a paver makes it easier to climb up on top. Not high in human terms, but to a puppy, its a pretty big step!

Weight – 2 lbs. 5.9 oz.

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Rocky was really into exploring tonight when we put them out on the gravel. He was truckin’ right along and getting braver by the minute. This guy is also pretty quiet and laid back like his brother Charlie. He also has been one of the first ones to walk up to me, like when I would weigh them and put them on the table for them to explore a bit. Most of the time he would walk directly over to me.

Weight – 2 lbs., .5 oz.

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