Puppies are a month old!

I can’t believe how fast this first month has flown by. The puppies are a month old today and are becoming a little more active and interested in interacting with people. But right now they only last maybe 10 or 15 minutes before they head back to their crate and crash for a few hours. We put up a small kennel for them and set it up out on the lawn so they can get out and enjoy the warm weather and run around a bit.

We finally settled on a name for the littlest pup. His name is now Rascal, and it feels like it fits. Uh oh! He is a confident and spunky puppy, and wrestles with the other puppies equally. He is small in stature only!

This litter is very chatty, growling and sounding so much like chattering coons it makes us laugh every time. Sometimes one of the puppies will just sit there and start barking, for no known reason.

They are starting to climb up and onto small heights, such as the patio or our laps. Even the step into the crate is kinda high for them, but they maneuver in and out very well. I will be adding small obstacles, their size, for them to play on to give them some variety and fun. What is amazing to me is that when you call one by name, they actually do come over to you. I’ve had this happen too often to think that it is just a coincidence. It may take a bit of encouragement sometimes, but not a whole lot before they come directly to me. These are going to be very smart, awesome puppies and I am looking forward to working with them to see what they can do for me.

Although they aren’t quite old enough for toys, last night Hannah and Thor were running around like crazies after the rest had gone to bed. I decided to see what one of them would do with the tennis ball and Thor actually started playing with it, pawing it, chewing on it to try to carry it, and jumping on it to roll it around. I wanted to get my camera out and video tape it, but I figured by the time I got my camera ready, he’d have gone to bed. That is just about what happened, as a minute or two later he was done playing and heading for the crate.

They are all starting to develop more of their individual personalities. So far Charlie is a real cuddle-bug. He is more than happy to climb onto my lap and snuggle down to sleep while all the other puppies are chewing on me and each other and romping around then go crash in the crate. Thor enjoys chewing on my pant leg, fingers, whatever he can reach. I fear he is living up to his name!  They all usually end up at my feet or trying to climb on my lap to give me puppy kisses. It is cute when they climb on my lap, then continue to try to climb higher. Not sure where they are trying to get to, but they are very determined puppies.

I haven’t had a good chance to get individual photos of the puppies, so I am posting them as they are playing in their new outdoor pen. They all love being outside and enjoy the extra room and things to play on! And here are two videos of them playing in their pen outside.

Here is video #1.

Here is video #2.

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