Planned breeding update…

Well, Sammie has decided to come into heat a month earlier than I had anticipated. (Which I would have known about if I had really counted the months between heats right!) Which means the stud that I had wanted to use is not available due to the holidays. So I am frantically looking around for something that would work with Sammie and should have the types of pups that I am looking for.

I do have a few potential options, just darn, I so wanted to breed to Milo this heat! Milo is a nice male who is a second cousin to Sammie on her dam’s sire’s side, so would bring in the Oaker Mtn and Brownking line of Deckers. I think they would make awesome puppies! Most of the options I have are more of the Decker line dogs, so the resulting pups may be on the larger side. It would be a roll of the dice for build and color, as none of the dogs that I might be able to use are related in any way to Sammie.

If I am successful in getting her bred, it would be next week, so pups would be born around the end of February, first of March, 2018. Puppies would be going to their new homes the end of April, first of May time frame. If things don’t work out to breed her next week, the soonest I could have puppies from Sammie would be late middle of summer of next year, going to their new homes in late August, early September time frame. I would much rather have them this spring so that their new homes will have summer time to work with and train them. But I will hold off if September is ok for people. I will contact those who have expressed an interest in her puppies and put an update on here sometime next week.


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