Update on potential pups – December 31, 2017

My son and I drove with Sammie over to Moab to let Sammie have a one afternoon stand with Hercules at Rat a Tat Tat Rat Terriers on December 28. For some reason, through no fault of their own, they were unable to tie, so we ran over to Dian’s local vet and had Sammie AI’d. As both have had no problems in the past, we are wondering if it might have been caused by the coyote bite that Sammie had this summer, as it is in a location that might have caused her some discomfort. Either way, we are hoping that the AI will work, as the vet checked a sample and it looked good. So crossing fingers that she is pregnant! I should know in about 4 weeks, as she should develop a nice little paunch about then.

Unfortunately, I totally spaced off getting any new photos of Hercules and Sammie at Dian’s, just got about a dozen photos of her pups that she has available. Oops! Sooo darn cute! I told my son before I got out of the car to not let me bring home any pups! I might bring some home to help her place them, as there are numerous requests for Ratties in my area. If I do, I will post here. So pictures of the trip will be limited to the puppies. Just getting you all psyched for puppies!! LOL (So if you want a pup now, take a look at Dian’s site, link above, and see if one of her pups would fit in your home!)

Also, I had hoped and have been seriously considering breeding Maddie to Milo in March, but she may be coming in heat much sooner than I had expected, possibly triggered by Sammie being in heat. Will see what happens over the next week. Not sure I want two litters whelped at the same time, and not sure I can arrange a breeding with Milo at this time. Darn dogs!!


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