A walk in the snow

I took the dogs for a walk the other day and actually remembered my camera. Even though there is several inches of snow on the ground, they still love to run and hunt, sometimes catching mice in the grass. Here’s a few snapshots I took of their fun in the snow and sun. I watched Tucker and Chance bounding like deer through the grass on their ever constant hunt for mice, but as soon as I took out my camera, they stopped bounding and returned to ordinary dogs. Sigh…I did manage to get a good shot of Chance up in the air, so I was happy with that.

Sammie loves to go out with me, but sometimes when it gets too cold she heads back home and through the cat door so she can warm up in front of the heater, while I’m still quite a ways from home. What was cute this last time is I had said, “ok, let’s go home” and started heading for the fence to cross it and our field to go home. Next thing I knew she was gone. I had thought that Tucker was watching her in some rocks, as he had his attention there, but when I called her, she didn’t show up. So I called hubby who was at home, and yup, sure enough, she had just walked through the door a few seconds before I called. Smart girl! Independent and a thinker! See a short video of her hunting here.


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