Walk in the fields on a late afternoon…

The crew pestered me most of the day to take them out, and weren’t content with my husband letting them outside to run around the house. So I took a break from working on my business and took the crew out. It was a beautiful afternoon, not too terribly cold, but chilly enough to require…… Continue reading Walk in the fields on a late afternoon…

Memorial Day hike…May 25, 2015

I wasn’t really planning on taking my camera, nor taking a long hike, but we got going and it was pretty nice out, no rain for a change. I took them down in the neighbor’s gully, so a few different shots. They did scare up several bunnies, but of course I didn’t have the camera…… Continue reading Memorial Day hike…May 25, 2015

Foggy day walk

Yesterday morning was a beautiful morning to walk the crew. Although it was foggy, to the point where at times I could barely make out where my house or even the trees stood, it was one of those mornings that just felt exhilarating. The air was cool and damp. Nothing unusual for those who are…… Continue reading Foggy day walk

Walk on a beautiful fall day

I took the crew out back for a good walk in the fields on Sunday. The weather was so beautiful! Clear, sunny, warm, just too pretty a day to stay inside. While I’m still a bit watchful of eagles and coyotes, I encountered nothing more dangerous to them than a few cactus spines. Enjoy the…… Continue reading Walk on a beautiful fall day

Day 1 – scent article training

As some of you may know, I am very interested in training my dogs to do scent work, mainly in the police field and medical field, as in drugs, illegal substances (such as illegal plants, animals, etc., at airports) cancer detection, things along those lines. Have no clue how I’m going to break into that…… Continue reading Day 1 – scent article training