Taking the pups out for a walk

Hubby and I took the pups out for a nice long walk this afternoon. Out across our field, and down into the gully behind. Lots of sagebrush and rocks and downed trees for them to crawl through, over and under! We spotted a bunny, and after a couple of seconds, Tucker finally got the idea, and all of the dogs took off after it. The pups got a bit excited and confused, but settled down pretty quickly when we talked to them. It is a bit worrisome walking through our fields, as there are so dang many prairie dog holes that are big enough to swallow up an inquisitive pup. Luckily, all they have done so far is stretched out as far as they could, sniffing the hole, but not going in it.

Sometimes we cross the ditch, which has a bit of water in it. At first they were a bit scared, and didn’t want to cross it, but they are quickly learning that it’s nothing to be afraid of. I’m sure that they will be playing in it soon.

Lots of things that will hopefully strengthen not only their little bodies, but their minds and confidence too. The ground is very uneven, with what they call “corrugated” areas where irrigation water runs during the summer, as well as deeper main ditches that criss cross the field. Some of the ditches are deep enough that the puppies can hide in them and we can’t see them. They also have to watch out for the big dogs as they go running and playing around them. But they seem to love it, and it gets them out to explore and use their doggy senses. As well as tires them out, so they sleep well at night!

Here is a link to a video I shot as we were walking across the field.


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