EmmaLee’s new pups

Wow! That was a really long night, but EmmaLee is now the proud momma of 7 little ones! She started acting like she was in labor early yesterday evening, April 11, 2014, but didn’t have her first pup until 10:30 that night. The last one was born around 3:30 this morning. EmmaLee is now resting and the pups are all nursing and doing fine. All but one of them are black, although some of the pups have some different shadings, so they are not all 100% black. I don’t know if that will change or not as they get older. After a day or two, I will take new pictures to show the color better for each one. Five of them are females, the last two are males. The one male might be apricot, not sure. Whatever color he is, hubby says he’s staying here.

While I am a bit partial to my chocolates, I am really pleased with the looks of this litter, their coloring and markings. All have some tan, mostly a darker color than Em. The two piebalds are females, the one with the least amount of black being the smallest in the litter. At the moment, that doesn’t mean a lot, as that can change in a month or two.

I am very excited about having the opportunity to watch this litter grow up and mature. I am really curious as to what their temperament will be as well as their build. How much of Em will I see, and how much of Hercules? It will also be interesting to compare them to my previous litters, as the sire to those is a total outcross, with a good, solid line of miniatures on the sire’s side.

They will be going in to have their tails docked on Monday or Tuesday. Dewclaws will remain on.

I am asking $350 for these pups. I will have them registered with UKCI and NRTA, and am working on figuring out how to get them registered with the AKC and UKC. Deposits of $100 will hold your pup. I require that you fill out my prospective puppy questionnaire so that I can get to know you better, and can better match up a pup to you and your unique situation.

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