Copper – Day 2

I am super pleased with this pup! He seems to have a nice, balanced temperament and absolutely LOVES being with people! He is definitely a cuddler, preferring to be on a lap or close to us for now. That might change a bit as he relaxes, but he definitely is very people oriented. The rest…… Continue reading Copper – Day 2

Another excursion in the field

All the dogs join me when I go out to irrigate our field. They love to play in the water and investigate the prairie dog holes. They usually stay relatively close to me, but sometimes they run down with the big dogs to check out all the scents in the prairie dog town at the…… Continue reading Another excursion in the field

June 3, 2014 – EmmaLee’s pups are 7 weeks old now

We took the pups out into our field last night. They are now 7 weeks old, so we figured it was a good time for them to get out and smell new smells and explore ditches, water and fresh horse manure. They were afraid to leave their puppy pen area at first, but we carried…… Continue reading June 3, 2014 – EmmaLee’s pups are 7 weeks old now

Taking the pups out for a walk

Hubby and I took the pups out for a nice long walk this afternoon. Out across our field, and down into the gully behind. Lots of sagebrush and rocks and downed trees for them to crawl through, over and under! We spotted a bunny, and after a couple of seconds, Tucker finally got the idea,…… Continue reading Taking the pups out for a walk