Pulling irrigation pipe

We went out last night to pull irrigation pipe for the rancher my husband works for, and of course, we had to take all of our dogs with us. This is a beautiful piece of property, with juniper trees around the edge of the pastures. The pipe we were moving is up at the edge, so the dogs were off in the trees chasing bunnies and hunting for whatever critters may be hiding in the dead fall. They also checked out the pipe, as bunnies love to hide in there, and mice frequently live underneath. Sage caught a mouse that we had disturbed as it went running down the path the pipe had created.

Here’s some shots I took. It was getting close to dark, the sun had just about set, so they’re not the best. Sammie loves to jump into one end of the pipe and run through to the other end, so I tried to get a few shots of that.

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