Rat Terrier puppies at 5 1/2 weeks old.

Sammie’s pups are doing well so far. Earlier this week, I took each puppy individually to work with them to see how they would do alone with a person and a toy or two. All did wonderful, actively wanting to play with the toy. None of them whined to get out of the room to join the other pups. The two girls, Jasher and Joy, readily and willingly brought the toy back to me, running out to retrieve it then returning to climb into my lap. Both girls showed interest in a puppy size ChuckIt ball that I have, although they lost interest after a few minutes. The boys didn’t really pay much attention to the ball at all. They did look at it and acknowledged that it was there, but were not inclined to play with it. I rolled it by all of the pups and encouraged them to chase it.  Jasher seemed to be picking up “drop it” even after only a few tries. All preferred the soft toys, especially the rat toy. They are much more aggressive with it compared to the funky cow. Interesting that they seem to ‘know’ what a rat should look like, even at such a young age.

Growth-wise, the  pups are gaining well. Jasher, although she was the largest pup at birth, is now the smallest pup at 3 1/2 lbs. Joy and Jericho are now 4 lbs., and Jeremiah is a hefty 4 1/2 lbs. Their ears are starting to think about standing up, but it’ll be awhile before they actually do.

Videos of each individual puppy during this play time is posted on their individual pages.

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