Snowy walk in Colorado

Since both of us work now, the Ratties are pretty much banished to being in the house until I get home. So, of course they are all wound up and waiting to go for a good long run! With the weather being a bit wintery, I’ve been opting to just let them hunt for mice…… Continue reading Snowy walk in Colorado

Ratties and a neighboring owl

No worries! The owl didn’t try to get one of my Ratties, although while I was under the tree taking pictures of him, he did kinda give an appraising look at Maddie… but I just wanted to share some pictures that I had of him, as he, or she, is so awesome! And what better…… Continue reading Ratties and a neighboring owl

Pulling irrigation pipe

We went out last night to pull irrigation pipe for the rancher my husband works for, and of course, we had to take all of our dogs with us. This is a beautiful piece of property, with juniper trees around the edge of the pastures. The pipe we were moving is up at the edge,…… Continue reading Pulling irrigation pipe